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Parce que c'étaient eux. Parce que c'était moi.

I love the beautiful game. I couldn’t imagine my WE’s without watching football. This sport never stops fascinating and entertaining me. I can watch football games after football games during hours and never get sick of it. It’s so simple: You just need a ball, some place where you can play it, at least one friend and the fun begins. :”) People often tell me, ‘but it’s only football.’ They just don’t get how some of my most happy but also most sad moments in life were because of that ‘only football’. And on the sad days, the simple touch of the ball, the feeling of the grass of the pitch under my feets, could make me smile again. If I’ll look one day back to my childhood, I'll remember all those moments of me watching football games, wearing my jersey, and my hands playing nervously with my football scarf while I was supporting my team. I’ll remember my tears of joy when I heard the voices of the commentators yelling ‘GOAAAAL’ and making me get chills all over my body. I’ll remember my tears of sadness and unbelief when things weren’t going well, I will remember sleepless nights staying awake to watch games at 2h. I’ll especially remember those moments where I’d go outside with my jersey or my flag, and feel the union and sympathy between me and those strangers, yet so close ones on the street sharing this same love. This feeling of being part of a big family will be forever engraved in me. So that, for people like me, it will never be ‘only football’, it’s an assemble of all the dreams of my life, memories of the past, and happiness of the present.

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